50th Reunion Attendees

Here is a list of classmates who attended the Class of ‘68 50th reunion dinner. Names of guests can be included if you will email us to let us know who they were.

Fred Alger
Joyce Allison (Mason)
Debbie Ballard (Carol)
Robert “Toad” Broy
Betty Bushong (Potter)
Lucy Byrd (Dorick)
Rudy Carey
Carla Carlisle (Ramseier)
Carol Carr (McKay)
John Cobb
Rick Deavers
Sharon Deavers (Nesselrodt)
Linda Devers
Mattie Devers (Fries)
Tom “Dep” Digges
Gerald Dodson 
Bruce Enders
Cynthia Glaize (Bassett)
Lavonne Hummer (Beach)
Faye Hurt (Shirley)
Linda Hurt (Petrie)
Sharon Mallory (Malone)
Kathy Malone (Kimble)
Karen Mason (Arnoux)
Patsy McDonald (Burner)
Paul McWhinney
Bobby Morgan
Elizabeth Morton (Roberts)
Eunice Payne (Anderson)
Rachel Pierce (Newell)
Ann Polhamus (Enders)
Mike Pope
Sallie Potts (Noonkester)
Beckey Racer (Reed)
Richard Ramsburg
Fred Raburn
Franklin Roberts
Karen Seibel (Booth)
Louise Shull (Willard)
Liz Smith (Beamer)
Sandy Strosnider (Ashby)
Sylvia Taylor (Meyer)
Becky Travers
Emily Verloop (Thomas)
Frances Waters (Russell)
Clarissa Wilson (Byrd)