Survey about 50th Reunion Preferences

Hi, Everyone,

Thanks for joining us on our CCHS Class of '68 website! Now it's time to plan our 50th reunion in 2018! We want to put together an event that you won't want to miss. This means choosing the right place and date. We are planning for late September, 2018. Please take a few minutes to complete this simplie survey that will help us plan our reunion.

The CCHS '68 Reunion Committee:
Karen Mason Arnoux
Patsy McDonald Burner
Tom Digges
Gerald Dodson
Ronnie Jenkins
Sharon Mallory Marlowe
Joyce Allison Mason
Carol Carr McKay
Rachel Pierce Newell
Frances Waters Russell

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* Answer Required
1)   * Is fall a good time for you to attend? If so, which weekend would you prefer? Please list an alternative if you would like.

  Weekend of September 21-23, 2018
  Weekend of September 28-30, 2018

Choose as many as work for you or include your own suggestion
2)   * What weekend day could you come to a main reunion event? Please check any that would work.

  Friday evening
  Saturday evening
  Sunday evening

Choose any days that will work for you
3)   * What sort of meal interests you? Regardless of choice, we will provide enough seating for everyone.

  Heavy hors d'ouevres
  Sit-down meal

Please choose any that you like. We will provide enough seating for everyone to sit down to eat.
4)   * Where would you prefer to have our main reunion event? (The George Washington Hotel is affordable only on Friday or Sunday.) If any of you have an in with any of the venues, please let us know.

  George Washington Hotel Ballroom
  Millwood Country Club
  Winchester Country Club
  Berryville VFW
  Veramar Winery, Berryville
  Best Western, Winchester
  Holiday Inn, Winchester
  Hilton Garden Inn, Winchester

Please check any that are acceptable. If you have a strong preference for one of the choices, please include it in the "Other" fill-in box, even duplicating a choice already made.
5)   * What sort of entertainment would you prefer?

  Live band
  60's music playing in the background

Choose any that appeal to you.
6)   * Is $50 per person an acceptable cost?

  This is the most I think we should charge:
7)   * Would you be interested in attending another less formal event the same weekend?

8)   If you are interested in a second event, please indicate where.

  Veramar Winery, Berryville
  Watermelon Park
9)   Would you be willing to serve on the planning committee? Much of this can be done by phone or internet. Our biggest need is locating classmates (and getting their email addresses).

10)   Do you have any other suggestions that would help make this a memorable night for you?